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Coffeeneuring 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014

Ride #1
October 11, 2014
I missed the beginning of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge.  If it weren't for the blog of fellow randonneur, Captain Overpacker, blogging about his first ride of the year, I would have missed it completely.  For my first ride, I went to a local Krispy Crème.  Except for the long line,

and the complete lack of bicycle parking

It wasn't too bad of an experience.  At least I could enjoy a black decaf and a pumpkin cheesecake donut.

 It was a gray rainy day.  The total distance was 2.7 miles.  When I was done I strapped the remaining box of eleven donuts to my rear rack and cruised home.  I delivered to donuts to the house and went back out to finish the ride.

Ride #2
October 25, 2014
For my second ride I wanted something a little more peaceful than a donut shop on a busy corner.  Today I made my coffee at home and took it to my spot.  Last weekend I had a garage roof to install so I missed riding.  Five more rides to get in before 16 November.  Will I make it?

Well, it was my spot at the time.  I work on Langley AFB and the main road that circles the base is a nice 6.2 mile loop with very little traffic.  I tried to get out before the sun came up, but the sun had risen before I got to “my spot”.  It was a chilly ride.  First ride of the autumn that required full fingered gloves.  It was a beautiful ride and the Back River was as calm as I had ever seen it.

After enjoying the peace and serenity of my spot, I swung over to visit the horses and finish up with 37 miles.  I recommend my spot to any rider with access to the base.  It’s well worth the trip.

Ride #3
November 1, 2014
Today I chose to ride over to a local cake shop.  Couture Cakes is located in the Hilton Village area of Newport News.  The coffee is ok, but the real reason to hit this spot is the cupcakes.  They are absolutely divine.

There is plenty of places to lock up the bike and enjoy to spoils of the trip.

After finishing my coffee, the cupcakes are in the trunk bag, I rolled over to Hilton Bicycles to pick up a few things. Enjoyed visiting with Walt and Connie.  Good people.  I decided to roll over to Huntington Park and see if the road construction in that neighborhood had been completed.  Much to my surprise, there was only on small section that had not been paved yet.  That section was hard pack with only a little gravel, doable even for those with skinny tires.  This will work out great.  Our local bike club, Peninsula Bicycling Association, starts our January 1st ride at Huntington Park and rides through this neighborhood.  We will be able to continue this tradition again for 2015.  I stopped and got a picture of Lake Biggins and the Jame's River.  I could see the rain line about half way across the river and heading my way.  It’s time to start making my way back home.  15 miles total.  Love chillin’ rides like this.

Ride #4
November 2, 2014
More work around the house today.  I didn’t get out for a ride until after the sun went down.  I did a little 27 mile neighborhood roll and stopped at a 7-11 near the corner of Big Bethel and Michael’s Wood’s  There isn’t much to write about.  The bike is locked to the electrical conduit shown in the picture.  This is the 7-11 that I will hit during my commute from time to time.  Decaf coffee due to the hour.

Ride #5
November 8, 2014
Today’s ride takes me down Todd’s lane to the closest Starbucks which is about 5 miles away.  It was a very chilly morning.  First ride requiring a skull cap under the helmet.  The skull cap would come off later in the ride as it would warm up considerably.  Since I was dressed for a chilly ride and not a warm coffee shop, I sat outside with the bike.  Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte went well with the weather.  There were plenty of places to lock up the bike, which is always nice. 


As you can see, I don’t selfie well.

Another view of the Back River

and some obligatory Fall foliage.

I wrapped up this ride with just over 50 miles.  On the way home I stopped at my sister-in-laws store to say hey and chat a bit.

Ride #6
November 15, 2014
Once again, I didn't get out for a ride until after the sun went down.  I did a little 5 mile neighborhood roll and stopped at a 7-11 on the corner of Big Bethel and Todd’s Lane.  The bike was locked to a chain link fence.  The Pumpkin Spice coffee did taste quite good.

Ride #7
November 16, 2014
Today I got out just before sunset.  I rode to yet another 7-11.  This one was located at the corner of Big Bethel and Commander Sheppard.  I picked up a large hot chocolate and the transferred the contents into my trusty bike travel cup shown in previous pictures.

I rode down Commander Sheppard to a little pond I like to fish at to enjoy the goods.  I finished up with a little over 16 miles. 

I have found that I prefer the outdoor coffee shops over the customary coffee shops.  Perhaps a little more planning for next year’s Coffeeneuring Adventure is in order.

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